Pregnancy: The Week By Week Guide to Pregnancy, Having your First Baby and Motherhood (Pregnancy, First Baby, Newborn, Childbirth, Pregnant Moms, Motherhood)

Use This Step-By-Step Guide To Go Through Pregnancy With Ease, Tranquility And Peace of Mind!

Any women can prepare herself for pregnancy by following the steps in this book

You’re getting a baby – or thinking about it! Maybe you and your partner have discussed it, and you are looking for more information on the exact way pregnancy works. You are slightly freaked out by the thought of it – and probably excited too! – and are trying to wrap your head around everything there is to know. Te truth is: pregnancy follows stages that are clearly definable, and can become easier to navigate, given the right information.

Not doing your research before having your baby is ill-advised. You will not know what to do and what not to do during the different weeks of your pregnancy, each of which will be different! Specific steps are to be taken, and very specific changes to your body will be observable, to which you might not react as you should, should you not be informed of the process.

Throughout the ages, billions of women have been through pregnancy before you. The good news is that today, the vast majority of children are born healthy and on time, and both mother and child continue (and start!) their lives in the best possible conditions. In order for this scenario to be yours, it is highly advised to do your research prior to becoming pregnant, so that you will know what exactly to do each of the weeks that will spell the 40 or so weeks of your pregnancy. You need a guide that explains you what exactly will happen, and how you should react to it.

Countless mothers have attributed their successful pregnancy to being well, prepared accompanied and followed along the way.
This book will do just that. It will take you from the very first week all the way to the last, explaining you all the steps along the way. It will also give you a few extra tips that prove useful for both you and your partner when going through this exciting process.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What To Do And How To Do It During Each Week Of Your Pregnancy
  • How To Deal With Your Partner During Your Pregnancy
  • …And How He Should Expect You To Be!
  • How To Prepare For The Big Day And How To Know When It Is Coming
  • And Much Much More…

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