The most up-to-date, comprehensive pregnancy guide on the market, delivering an unforgettable visual journey of developing life.

Week-by-week pregnancy format is easy-to-follow, enjoyable to read, and follows the standard development schedule used by the OB/GYN profession.

Detailed descriptions and eight pages of amazing full-color in-utero photographs guide expectant parents through a visual journey of the monthly changes of their growing baby.

The only pregnancy book on the market authored by a leading OB/GYN who is a doctor, an academic, and a mother.

Straightforward, comforting professional advice on the topics that are most important to expectant parents: having a healthy pregnancy, real-life labor, preparing for life as a family (both emotionally and financially), and juggling a career and motherhood.

Exclusive interactive due-date wheel makes it easy to determine conception date, week of pregnancy, and delivery date.

Special sections on labor and delivery, feeding options, and the first 12 weeks after baby’s birth.

Important checklists, including one for each prenatal check-up help the expectant mother prepare for and make the most out of each session with her doctor.

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