The first urine in the morning can be collected to test 10 days after the testee has had an intercourse. 

If she conceives, the strip indicates a weak positive result (T line color is as deep as the C line.) 

Conduct another test next morning and the T line color will be deeper if the testee conceives normally, 

but if the weak positive indication lasts for days, it is recommended that the testee take a B ultrasound 

examination in hospital because we suspect there might me an abnormal pregnancy, like ectopic pregnancy.

Tips: If the pregnancy has not been detected 2 days after period, generally the testee doesn’t conceive,

 but there might be exception, for example, abnormal menstrual period and abnormal ovulation will lead to

 early or delayed ovulation. In this way, LH test strips can not detect ovulation in time.If the urine test result is negative, 

and the testee suspects that there is still possibility of pregnancy, she can recollect the morning urine and 

conduct another test after 48-72 hours; The patients suffering from uterine tumor, hydatidiform mole or menopause, 

may get negative result because their urine contains more HCG, at a volume higher than 50000 mIU /ml, 

which may lead to a hook effect. Their urine should be diluted before testing.

Product Features

  • Urine Pregnancy Test is an accurate and easy-to-use pregnancy test.
  • Medimama Tests have sensitivity of 25 mIU, or 25 ng/L
  • Read results at 3~5 minutes.Result after 10mins will be invalid
  • Positive: Distinct color bands appear in both the Control and Test Zones.
  • Negative: Only one color band appears in the Control Zone, with no band in the Test Zone.

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