Pregnancy pillow multifunctional mother method of u-shaped pillow embroidered black velvet pillow cotton super soft hollow fiber 100% of pregnant women pregnancy pillow , green

Name: multifunctional mother-u pillow
Brand: xzl
Filler component and content: 100% polyester fiber
Filling: hollow fiber cotton
Pillow fabrics: cotton
Pillow height: 20.1-25cm
Size: 85*165cm
Pillow shape: u-
Apply: the seasons
Features: removable cleaning
Pillow weight: other
Color: powder blue, Lan Jiayu, green and pink, green, jade, purple, law Lai velvet pink, law Lai plush yellow law black velvet green, French black velvet purple
Size: average size
Product features: turn around freely, relaxing sleep, breathing
Advantages: fetus stomach lift, alleviate aching leg pain during pregnancy and a greater sense of security, relieve stress, comprehensive sleep support, keep the position for stable, effective support of waist, facilitate the circulation of blood

Product Features

  • neck pillows,maternity pillows,are tailor-made for your comfort
  • Improve the level of comfort and support for the full body at night
  • Relieve pain and suffering,and help you sleep better.
  • Comfortable travel,but also very suitable for relaxing on the couch at home,or use when reading in bed.
  • The wealth of products to take home,to create a comfortable sleeping position

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