Pregnancy Diet Secrets (The Good Moms Guide To Eating During Pregnancy Without Piling On The Pounds)

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It is possible to look amazing after having a baby, but you have to get the balance right. This book will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to do it easily.
Inside you’ll learn…

The most up to date pregnancy diet guidelines on which foods are safe to eat and those which you need to avoid at all costs… It includes some very interesting foods in here that you probably won’t have even considered!

Which supplements all expectant moms need to add in to their daily diet routine and which ones can have potentially disastrous consequences

Why following the advice of one very popular myth will have you ballooning up to gargantuan proportions… you’ll discover why this is totally unnecessary

The basics of a healthy diet, both before and during pregnancy. This advice alone is invaluable!

How your favourite beverage could be harming your baby without you ever realizing it

How much weight gain is common during pregnancy and more importantly what makes up this weight… this is guaranteed to surprise you!

An unusual way of eating that provides you with loads of energy and nourishes your baby all day long, almost on auto pilot

In this pregnancy survival guide, you’ll not only discover all the do’s and don’ts of eating and drinking through pregnancy, but you’ll also be given a pregnancy diet plan to follow plus a selection of delicious but highly nutritious, meals, snacks and treats.

Being pregnant changes most things in a woman’s life. It’s a difficult time for many and most women fear the weight gain and after effects of having a baby, both in the lack of time and personal space but also for more aesthetic reasons… it’s only natural, most women want to look and feel their best!

The problem is that pregnancy forces a lot of major changes on to a woman’s body, most are reversible naturally… you’re body is programmed to do so automatically, but not all.

There is one big problem that won’t go away all on its own!

It’s the one aspect of pregnancy that your body can’t fix itself, and that is weight gain.

Any body fat you store around your body from eating a poor pregnancy diet won’t naturally melt away afterwards, even if you breast feed. Sure it will help a little, but it certainly won’t solve the problem.

Just after you’ve had your baby is a very challenging time, one where you’ll need to master many different skills and for perhaps for the first time in your life, you’ll have to start putting another person’s needs first… all of the time.

This means you’ll have less time to spend on you. So any thoughts of quickly losing weight and getting back in to shape after the birth will need to be put on hold, at least for the time being.

However there is a solution. One that helps you to take control of your weight gain but perhaps more importantly, allows you to do the best you can for your growing bump. Your baby needs the very best nutrition to not only flourish inside you, but also as a new born, a toddler and beyond…

It’s vital that you get certain parts of your diet during pregnancy just right, your health AND your baby’s health depends upon it!

This pregnancy diet book by Jenny Wright will guide you all the way. You’ll learn everything you need to know about eating throughout pregnancy and how the things you do can positively or negatively affect your growing baby.

By following Jenny’s advice, you’ll not only get back in to shape after the birth in record time, but you’ll also be providing the best possible start for your baby.

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