Pregnancy Books For First Time Moms: The Second Trimester Book

Pregnancy Week-By-Week
14 Weeks Pregnant – 26 Weeks Pregnant
An Easy Read Quick Guide

This book is the second of a series of 3 books.
The second trimester is a more balanced period for most women than either the first
or third trimesters, but some still experience problems.

The majority of books on Pregnancy And Childbirth are lengthy and
time-consuming to read. Most expectant and new mothers
are far too busy to read 200+ pages at any given time. This is why this
book has been boiled down into a novella-length manuscript that is
clearly subdivided into easy-to-read portions with relevant

In this Easy To Read Quick Guide on The Second Trimester you get information about:

  • The growth of your baby week by week
  • Knowledge about what is going on in your body week by week
  • Tips on how to deal with morning sickness and extreme exhaustion
  • When is the week of your ultrasound and what is ultrasound?
  • When you will start to feel your baby kicking
  • And much more…

Babette Lansing will tell you that being a mother is her life’s
greatest happiness. She hopes that you, as the reader, will enjoy this
book as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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