Perfect maternity pillow, unique design 5 in 1: body support, snuggle & comfortable deep sleep, nursing, baby crib, baby support, prevents crawling. Great for pregnancy pains during and after pregnancy. 100% hypoallergenic Super-ball pillow composition, 100% organic cotton for the pillow cover and a stylish 100% organic cotton PILLOW CASE (INCLUDED)

Tired of searching the perfect body pillow to reduce back pains, tummy support, joint stress and insomnia?

The Creative Upgrade maternity pillow unique design and contour follows the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you like to sleep.

Why is the Creative Upgrade 5 in 1 body pillow a MUST for you or your family?

Due to its unique design, this body pillow has at least 5 DIFFERENT UTILISATIONS:

1) BODY SUPPORT ensures comfortable deep sleep, aligns hips for neutral joint and spinal positioning, preventing back pains. It is for pregnant women or for anyone who needs a deep sleep.

2) BREASTFEEDING: place it around your body to support your baby when you are nursing;

3) BABY CRIB: place a baby blanket over it and you will have an instant baby crib;

4) BABY SUPPORT, when your baby starts sitting;

5) PREVENTS BABY CRAWLING: place it near your baby when he/she stars to prevent crawling;

Do you want MORE? There is MORE!

-It can be used in positions not shown in the illustrations: mothers of different sizes, shapes, and sleep preferences can experiment to find the right configuration. Just be CREATIVE!

-It offers support in specifically targeted areas to ease tossing, turning& cramps that can negatively impact rest, cause stress& affect your mood both at night & during the day. It also elevates and aligns hips to ensure a neutral position& to relieve strain on joints.

NOT TOO BULKY!! Perfect size to be used by both partners at the same time and in the same bed. Buy one for mummy and one for daddy. Best Pillow for Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers, & Pregnancy Sleep support

-Ships vacuumed with pillowcase already on pillow. -100% hypoallergenic pillow composition, 100% organic cotton for the pillow cover and a stylish 100% organic cotton PILLOW CASE INCLUDED.

Great or great? Buy it now!

Product Features

  • Unique design to be comfortable and to be used in various ways: best Pregnancy pillow, Maternity pillow, Breastfeed pillow, baby crib. Enjoy cuddle comfort, support and breastfeeding without any extra body heat. The colourful textile print fits with any house design.
  • It is NOT TOO BULKY and it takes the place of multiple pillows, providing full body support for knees, hips, tummy, neck and back. Unless some other full body pillows, this pregnancy pillow has the perfect size to let enough space in the bed for daddy;
  • Super-ball polyester composition technology makes the pillow adaptable to your body shape. It is not TOO FIRM, NOR TOO FLOPPY. Ideal for sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, back pains. Used by both women& men, being ideal for anyone who experiences back pains or who simply search for the perfect sleeping pillow. 100% hypoallergenic pillow composition, 100% organic cotton for the pillow cover and a stylish 100% organic cotton PILLOW CASE INCLUDED.
  • The maternity pillow is washable at 90 degrees in the washing machine. Super ball composition technology ensures a worry-free wash of the pillow at 90 degrees that will leave you with the same gentle texture you felt on the first use. Hint: wash the cover pillow at only 40 degrees to protect the color and iron it in order to kill germs. Zipper removal makes clean up easy/brisk.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee- Any Issues and We Will Refund You or Send a New Maternity Pillow; Just contact us directly from your client account and you won’t have any costs when refunding or replacing the item;

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