PCOS Diet Secrets (A Simple Step By Step Guide To Losing Weight With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Do you think you might have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)?

Have you gained weight because of your condition?

Do you desperately want to get in to better shape, but the things you’ve tried so far just haven’t worked?

Well, there’s a reason why you’ve not had success if you’ve tried dieting before… you’ve been doing it wrong!

It is possible to manage your symptoms AND lose weight if you have PCOS, but you do need to follow a very definite plan of action… consistently.

‘PCOS Diet Secrets – A Simple Step By Step Guide To Beating The Symptoms Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome’ is quite simply an eating plan based around 4 key concepts.

Yes, you do need to exercise and stay active in order to get the best results, but this book deals purely with the changes you can make to your diet.

Carbohydrates and the way your body deals with them plays a massive role in controlling the symptoms of PCOS. Losing the fat stores that your body readily stock piles after eating starchy foods is the real foundation that this book is built upon.

Don’t worry though, this book isn’t written for academics, it isn’t a complicated book to follow, it’s written in a clear and easy to understand way, that gives you tips and techniques you can start using right now.

The culmination of the book is a 3 day detox and a complete 7 day meal plan for you to follow. But if you decide to create your own eating plan, each element of the diet is explained so you can choose the parts that you’d like to follow that best fit your own lifestyle.

But please take note… YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE in order to get results.

Written by personal trainer and weight loss expert Jenny Wright, ‘PCOS Diet Secrets’ is a concise, information packed book that offers you an effective solution to losing weight if you suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

  • How to lose weight with PCOS
  • Which foods to eat and why
  • Which foods you need to avoid at all costs
  • How to instantly send your energy levels SKYROCKETING!
  • How to feel better about yourself and gain back your confidence
  • A simple way of eating to beat mood swings
  • How to stop comfort eating and banish food cravings for good

Ultimately the best way of controlling the symptoms of PCOS, getting in to great shape, improving fertility, having a flat tummy, firmer thighs and more energy is by eating a specific diet tailored to dealing with the effects of the condition. ‘PCOS Diet Secrets’ is perfect for this.

You can have the information in front of you in less than a minute, simply scroll to the top right of this page and click on the buy now button…

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  1. Claire Turner says:

    Great book!

  2. Bella B says:

    Love it !!! PCOS Diet Secrets (A Simple Step By Step Guide…

  3. NAT says:

    Quick easy informative read