OFKPO Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Adjustable Maternity Belt Protect Pregnant Woman and Baby(Pink)

Product details

This seatbelt is adjustable , which removes the pressure of the seat belt on the belly of the pregnant person.
By removing the pressure on the belly, the person enjoys a much better posture and makes his journey safer and more convenient. This does not affect the safety provided by the seat belt.
As the pressure on the belly is removed,the expectant mother adopts a much better posture and is able to travel safely and comfortably by car. This does not compromise the safety provided by the car’s own seat belt.
The belt can be adjusted to suit any type of seat or vehicle. It is universal and valid for any car .
It is quick and easy to attach and remove, so it can be easily used in another vehicle. You should always wear it while traveling or traveling.
Filler: Sponge
Material: Polyester

Package included:

1 x Pregnancy Car Belt

Product Features

  • Camping on both sides for added safety and comfort belt. Designed for use with skirts and pants.
  • Maternity Belt provide a very safe, comfortable environment.It’s easy to install in any car seat,let mom enjoy the car journey.
  • It is made of high quality resistant material that is able to withstand the daily use and consequent wear required by any pregnant woman.
  • Position the lap portion of the seat belt over the hips and under the belly, to divert pressure away from the unborn child.
  • It suitable for all types of cars with the adjustable belt.Highly recommended for any journey or trip.

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