Natural Birth & Fitness Birthing Ball & Pump – NBF Anti-Burst Birth Ball with Instruction Guide for Pregnancy & Labour. 55cm 65cm 75cm.

The Natural Birth and Fitness Ball

Superior Anti Burst Technology:
The anti burst construction ensures that should this ball be punctured whilst in use, it will deflate gradually, preventing you and your baby from injury. It has a max weight load of 300kilograms and is independently tested to be antiburst when punctured under a weight of 120kilograms.

Premium Birthing Ball Quality:
The birth ball is thicker, stronger and safer than most standard gym balls,
Heavyweight material: 1300grams PVC. Non slip material for stability.
Pregnancy/Baby Friendly: certified NO phthalates . NO Latex.

Natural Pearlescent Colour All birth balls are a delicate pale natural colour.

Photographic Instruction Guide:
The comprehensive instructions cover:
Use in Pregnancy for sitting comfortably, optimal foetal positioning and pelvic floor.
Full set of Pre natal Exercises to stay fit in pregnancy and prepare for labour.
Using the ball in Labour for a Natural Birth, coping with contractions, relaxation, progressing labour and using the ball to support mobile, active birth positions.
Full set of Post natal Exercises.

Choose the correct size for you:
A birthing ball needs to be bigger and firmer than a standard exercise gym ball. When sitting on the ball, with your feet flat on the floor, your hips should be raised approx 10 centimetres above your knees. This raised sitting position brings the weight of the baby forward, giving relief from back pain and general discomfort felt in pregnancy. Also keeps the pelvis open and pressure off your lower back during labour and contractions.
Select the ball for your height:
55 c m: Under 5 f t 2 (Under 155 c m)
65 c m: 5 f t 2 to 5 f t 8 (155 c m to 173 c m)
75 c m: 5 f t 8 and over (173 c m and over)

Product Features

  • Superior Quality Anti Burst Birthing Ball . 1300grams heavy weight PVC. Stronger, firmer and safer than standard gym balls.
  • 8 page Instruction booklet showing a full set of prenatal exercises, post natal exercises, optimal foetal positioning, pelvic floor, labour support and natural birth positions.
  • Pregnancy/Baby Friendly: certified NO phthalates . NO Latex. Non slip material for stability.
  • Also included new, improved blaster hand pump and measuring tape for easy inflation.
  • This listing is for a 65cm ball for heights up 5’2 to 5’8 (155 to 173cm). See other 75cm listing for 5’8 and over and 55cm listing for under 5’2

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3 Responses to Natural Birth & Fitness Birthing Ball & Pump – NBF Anti-Burst Birth Ball with Instruction Guide for Pregnancy & Labour. 55cm 65cm 75cm.

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    I cannot recommend this enough!!!

  2. Nisha says:

    good quality product when you get the correct size I have bought a few of these now and this is by far the best.It holds it shape well. It feels sturdy and not slippery like many others. (It’s got a Matt coating on the ball that seems to prevent slippage)Lovely natural colour.If I had one tiny criticism it’s that I struggle to get the plug out but I’d still buy this over any other from now on.Size wise I’m 5’4 and it’s been perfect for bouncing on during my pregnancy. I intend to use it during labour and post pregnany…