Mothercare Wedge Pillow

Product Features

  • Angled design provides support to bumper in lying position
  • Perfect for supporting back when sitting
  • Angled shape makes a handy and supporting feeding pillow once baby is born

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2 Responses to Mothercare Wedge Pillow

  1. Frenchie says:

    Very hard I’ve struggled to find a comfortable pregnancy pillow and this works pretty well for my heavy bump, although I still find I get backache and pain in my hips as the night goes on. It’s nice that this is fairly small, and it doesn’t need to be any bigger. I put it under my bump when I’m lying on my side. I like that I can still cuddle my husband, as I previously had a much larger pillow which took up a lot of space between us and was difficult to turn over with. This pillow smelled quite…

  2. Anonymous says: