More Than Human: Scifi Cyborg Romance

Scifi Cyborg Romance

A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA!

A thousand years into the future and Earth is still in a frenzied war between countries who wish to rule each other. Between the battles is Trevor Noble. Injured on the field, his life hangs in the balance as he’s flown to a local Navy hospital. Enter Dr. Lena Clark, a world-renowned scientist and surgeon, who brings him back from the brink of death and transforms his body into the greatest weapon known to humans.

As he becomes accustomed to his cyborg body, he struggles with feelings for the sweet doctor, who has started to feel the same. Their attraction could be frowned upon, but that doesn’t concern them as a much darker threat looms just outside the atmosphere, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The preoccupied Earth doesn’t notice until it’s too late, the proud countries distracted by war. How many men would it take to save the Earth? Perhaps only one.

For a limited time only, 16 special bonus full-length novellas and short stories included!

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This is a full-length standalone hot and steamy scif cyborg romance filled with mature contents and flaming HOT scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!

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