Milestone Baby Cards

With the Milestone Baby Cards, you can capture your baby, the milestone and the date in one image. This is the perfect gift for any expecting or new parent, or for yourself and your own baby. With the Milestone Baby Cards you can keep the memory of all those special moments as crisp as the day they happened.

The Milestone Baby Cards is a set of 30 illustrated cards in a gift box. The day your baby has a milestone moment, you take the matching Milestone Card, write the date on it, and take picture of your baby. This way, you will never forget the day your baby rolled over for the first time, ate solid food or said mama.

The Milestone Baby Cards are made in The Netherlands using eco friendly certified paper and Vega-Fast ink: a special printing ink based 100% on vegetable oils.

Product Features

  • Don’t let special moments become distant memories
  • Capture your baby’s first year in weeks, months and big events
  • Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your baby together with the card
  • This set contains 30 cards with all the major milestones, each one beautifully illustrated
  • Milestone Baby Cards are produced in the Netherlands. Printed on FSC certified paper using Vega-Fast ink: an ink based on vegetable oils

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3 Responses to Milestone Baby Cards

  1. BethJayeWalker says:

    Very good quality cards Having purchased these cards 4 years ago when I had my youngest son, these are now a firm favourite when friends and family have a baby as they are the perfect gift. It’s so hard to keep track of special milestones in the first year as the days merge into one another with the endless sleepness nights (or maybe that was just me!) and watching the child change so fast in a matter of months.I had so many lovely comments about these cards and they are great for remembering things like…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love these little milestone cards! They include weeks up to 12 weeks then continue in months up to 1 year. They also include firsts such as first time I crawled/sat up/walked first word/tooth etc. You can also write the date on them and keep them so they are a nice keepsake for the baby when they are older.We have really enjoyed using them especially now my baby is 9 months and it’s like a game to get the card the right way round in the picture before it ends up in her mouth again…