Maternity/pregnancy/nursing support body pillow, cushion (pattern: polka dots on grey)

removable and washable cotton cover

Filled with polyester fibre balls

Product Features

  • a multifunctional pillow perfect for pregnancy and nursing
  • promotes a comfortable sleeping position, by supporting neck, back, bump and legs
  • encourages fetus to adopt the optimal birth position, which makes the childbirth less painful and shorter
  • after childbirth can be used as nursing pillow
  • promotes a comfortable breastfeeding position for moms, by taking weight off back, shoulders and neck

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3 Responses to Maternity/pregnancy/nursing support body pillow, cushion (pattern: polka dots on grey)

  1. kat says:

    Aaaaaaamazing I wasn’t sold on getting a pregancy pillow. I thought I could just use a few extra pillows, but wow, is this thing amazing. Yes it’s a little big, and yes if you want to turn you have to either “spoon” the “back” of the pillow or flip the whole thing, but you get used to it. It makes sleeping sooooo much better-I am much more comfortable, my shoulder doesn’t fall asleep, and the greatest bit, if my hip starts to hurt I can roll off of it on my back, and the back of the pillow…

  2. David Taylor says:

    So comfy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It met all my expectatives as a maternity pillow. My hip pains have not been reduced but I am not sure if that is due to the pillow or just how it has to be or if I am taking the position I have to take.It would have been good to get some instructions with it to see what positions are the best for depending what pains and the normal mum to be position, as I had to check this separately.A little bit too big what is great but better to have known in advance as I had to carry it…