Maternity Women Pillow breast feeding baby nursing pillows V-type Care Waist Protection Sleep Multi-function Pillow , 4

Filler: Polyester fiber
Whether it can be split wash: Yes
Pillow type: waist pillow
Applicable people: pregnant women, babies
Size: 30 * 45cm
Specifications: Free code
Product Name: V-type multi-functional pillow
Pillowcase Material: 100% combed cotton (can be separated from the wash)
Pillow Filling: 100% Polyester Fibers
Liner: non-woven
Pillow weight: 1300g, with packaging

Product Features

  • 1?raises your baby to the right height for easy positioning and latch on?The nursing pillow is extremely useful when your are breastfedding or when the baby wants to take a nap next you,gentle support for your infant.
  • 2?adjusts securely around your waist and doesn’t slip away when you move. Firm flat top ensures baby doesn’t roll off or fall asleep whilst feeding.
  • 3?raised arm rests give you a perfect feeding angle on both sides. Compatible with almost any chair, can also be used whilst standing up?Nestle your baby comfortably whilst resting.
  • 4?Very soft and comfortable for both mom and baby?Washable and functional,ideal gift for your family?This product is a must for every mother and baby.
  • 5?Helps a mother before & after birth?All covers fit all styles of My pillows, including the travel pillow?Suitable for breast and bottle feeding,Feeding and nursing pillow that helps to maintain a correct posture.

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