Maternity Support Belt, Breathable Elastic Belly Band for Lower Back and Comfortable Pelvic Support, Baby Care and Pregnancy

Need help carrying the weight of your pregnancy?
You’re pregnant. Congratulations. There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new life into the world. However, along with the joy and anticipation of bringing a new member of your family into the fold, pregnancy can present challenges such as swollen legs and ankles, lower back pain, hip and pelvic pain, and general discomfort. As your baby bump grows, the tendons and ligaments around your pelvis can soften and widen. This is nature preparing your body to deliver your baby. But it can also reduce the support your pelvis provides for your back and hips. And increase pressure, especially if you are on your feet several hours a day. Wouldn’t it be great to have a little more support?

Maternity Belt – the support you need
This Maternity Belt can provide that extra bit of support you need to relieve your discomfort and increase hip stability. Our cotton and elastic belly belt is lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable. We designed this easy to use belt to provide the features you need.

Wide stick straps for easy adjustment as your belly grows

Reinforced back band relieves stress to lower back and pelvis

Provides support for lower back

Relieves pain and pressure on hips and pelvis

Hand washable

Accommodates up to 46 inch waist

Not bulky under clothing

And, we’re so sure you’ll get the relief you need from this Support Belt that it comes with a lifetime, money back guarantee.

Please note that maternity belly belts are not meant to resolve underlying medical issues and you should consult your doctor about any such conditions.

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Package includes:
1* Breathable Maternity Belt
1* 6 Months’ Worry-Free Warranty

Product Features

  • Intuitive design is easy to wear; tightness can be finely adjusted for comfort throughout the day
  • Gently reduces pressure upon the lower back while providing extra support underneath to help cradle the belly; improves general posture and assists muscles around lumbar; reduces the likelihood of uterine prolapse
  • Soft, breathable, wrap combines quality fabrics and broad Velcro strapping for maximum comfort & peace of mind; can be worn discretely beneath regular clothing
  • Offers postpartum pelvic support; can be used as body shaper
  • Adjustable band fits hip circumferences up to 46 inches

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2 Responses to Maternity Support Belt, Breathable Elastic Belly Band for Lower Back and Comfortable Pelvic Support, Baby Care and Pregnancy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maternity belt is very essential for me specially that I am now on my 34th week of pregnancy. My baby belly has just gotten so huge suddenly lol. I actually have 3 other maternity belts, but one was just so thick & bulky so I just sold it. The two others are good, I use one when I’m home and the other one when I go out. Those have different design compared to this product as they are supposed to be pulled from the back to the front, opposite to this one. I got interested with the design of this…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant and although I do not have a huge bump I do feel heavy towards the end of the day which sometimes makes me feel a little restricted when out walking or doing household tasks. This support band is made from nice soft/light fleecy material and fits around my bump and can be easily adjusted for the support I require or for when my bump grows bigger. The velcro is very strong so when I pull it tight it holds and doesn’t ride up my body. I wear it on top of my vest and under my…