Mama’s Gone Fit 1st Trimester Pregnancy Workouts: 36 Exercises to Stay Strong, Fit, and Healthy During your 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

*Book 1 in the Mama’s Gone Fit Series for Safe and Effective Workouts to get you through all 3 Trimesters of your Pregnancy*

New Book in the Mama’s Gone Fit Series Reveals: The BEST 36 Exercises that are Safe and Fun During your 1st Trimester of Pregnancy!
This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you…

The Dos and Don’ts of Exercising During the 1st trimester
Upper and Lower Body Exercises to Build your Strength for Baby
Fun Core Exercises that keep baby tucked in safely
Cardio Power Moves to get your body moving
Workouts that are safe and effective for the 1st trimester
How to combat morning sickness and exhaustion with exercise
How to know if you are working out too hard or not enough
And much more!

In this Ebook You Will Discover…
36 Exercises Safe for 1st Trimester
Make sure you are keeping you and baby safe and healthy!

The Dos and Don’ts to a Safe Workout Routine
Get the lowdown on combating the 1st trimester symptoms, protecting your and baby’s health, and knowing how hard and long is safe to workout.

Total Body Workouts for the 1st Trimester
Take the guesswork out of pregnancy workout options with these total body workouts.

Exercise Demos
Make sure you have proper and safe form with photo demonstrations of ALL exercises!

Printable Workout Trackers
Print out your workouts to take with you and keep track of your exercises and how you do!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook:
“I found so many conflicting pregnancy exercise recommendations out there that I was beyond confused. Thanks to Amber’s 1st trimester exercises, I was able to get started on safe workouts that I could be confident with. Thanks!” (Tarah Williams, Billings, MT)
“This book helped me set up a routine that I could fit into my hectic lifestyle while making sure I stayed safe in my pregnancy. Very easy to follow with tons of exercise modifications provided. I love Amber’s writing style…I felt I had a friend cheering me along!” (Emerson Taylor, Chesterfield, MO)

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