Lovefitbetsy Pregnancy Fitness Workout

Pregnancy Fitness Workout with Lovefitbetsy is your one-stop guide to exercising during pregnancy. We guide you through two 30 minute workouts which have been created by Elizabeth Kamm, expert pregnancy and post natal personal trainer and founder of Lovefitbetsy. The workouts brilliantly combine elements of feel-good cardio, muscle toning to keep you in great shape, exercises to build physical endurance and specialist advice to keep your core and pelvic floor strong. Also included is the perfect stretch routine as well as a beautiful meditation. If you want to keep fit or you’re unsure how to exercise during pregnancy, this is the perfect workout blend. Inspirational and fun!
For each product purchased, 50p will be donated to the Neuroblastoma Society, funding research to help fight childhood cancer. In loving memory of Lizzy Bremer.

Product Features

  • Pregnancy fitness
  • Two 30 minute workouts for Trimester 2 and Trimester 3
  • 10 minute pregnancy stretch and relaxation
  • 10 minute pregnancy meditation
  • Expert advice on fitness and our bodies during pregnancy

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2 Responses to Lovefitbetsy Pregnancy Fitness Workout

  1. Miss Rachael K Mansfield says:

    Fantastic during pregnancy LovefitBetsy has created a truly amazing fitness DVD to get you through your pregnancy. Her warm and natural style in explaining the exercises made it seem as if she was just in the room with you. I felt so much better to be able to continue exercising during my pregnancy and it also made recovery after my son was born so much quicker.The meditation and relaxation part were also really helpful as well particularly in preparing for birth and thinking about breathing and getting into the…

  2. Natalie Hunter says:

    Every mum to be should own this! A fabulous pregnancy dvd which you can easily do at home in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. The style is friendly, relaxed and informative…and she doesn’t take herself too seriously (like many other exercise dvds). I find it challenges me and gets my heart rate going (something I have missed in first 5 months of my pregnancy… doing pregnancy yoga and pilates is nice but a bit too gentle and doesn’t really make me feel I’ve had a good work out). I had been too anxious to push myself before, but…