Love Fusion Romance: Weeping Lover: A Hot Mixed Romance Book Collection

Get FOUR hot mixed romance short stories with a collection of 36 bonus romance stories inside!

Foul Play – Football Romance

Jason has always been very focused on the game, leading a clean lifestyle that’s earned him the title of “NFL’s Golden Boy”, and now as a rising star in the NFL, it’s important that nothing distracts him from his goal.

Until he meets Vanessa, the wild beautiful singer who captivates him from the first glance.

Vanessa drags Jason into her world of parties and madness and he follows her willingly, even if it means blemishing his pristine footballer reputation. Will Jason really risk losing everything he’s worked so hard for?

Hearts of Dust –MFM Menage Medieval Historical Romance

When Angus and Travis, notorious thieves and stagecoach raiders, see the fancy stagecoach with a lone female occupant of obvious wealth they think they have found an easy mark. They do not expect the pretty blonde to pull a gun on them and lock them up, nor do they expect her to recognize them and take them in for the hefty bounty that’s been placed upon their heads.

When Genevieve is mistaken for a famous bounty hunter, she thinks that her best chance at survival is to keep up the facade. But when one thing after another goes wrong, she realizes that her plans for the future are going to need a change. When they end up taking shelter in an abandoned farm house everything changes.

Will she be able to turn in infamous robbers, Travis “The Gentleman” Montgomery and Angus “The Dust Devil” Graves?

Werebear in the Woods –BWWM Werebear Shifter Romance

Karen has had the worst year of her life. Not only does she find out that her boyfriend is a scheming con man, but she loses her job, the nice car that came with said job, and her apartment thanks to her boyfriend. She also finds out that he’s managed to clean out her savings account without her even noticing.

A relationship is so far from her thoughts, as is most human contact, that she accepts a live-in job offer from her uncle. All she has to do is spring clean the holiday cabin and make a list of jobs for the handyman to take care of. A piece of cake- only nothing is ever that simple.

Karen soon finds herself alone in the wilderness, cut off from society and at the mercy of the strange handyman who doesn’t seem to like her and spends half his time butt naked.

The Unbitten-Vampire Threesome MFM Romance

Night nurse Nicole Carling is still settling into the city, but it’s turning out to be more dangerous than she could have imagined. Having been attacked twice in one night by unseen assailants, her enthusiasm for city life has been shaken; the darkness is filled with terrors and she is forced to barricade herself within her own apartment.

Her only protection is an ancient secret that lies within Nicole’s heritage, shielding her from the blood-thirst of supernatural immortals. It is the reason she remains alive.

But her attackers haven’t finished. Nicole has become a challenge to the pair. Unable to cow her by force, the pair elect to seduce Nicole into surrendering to them, into permitting them to taste her body, and her blood. Whether they succeed by working to seduce her separately, or by acting together, they WILL succeed.

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