LED Mosquito Lamp Mini Home No Radiation Mute Baby Pregnancy Electronic Fly-catching Mosquito Trap Mosquito-repellent Lamp ( Color : Black )

Voltage: 5V USB Interface

Rated Power: 5.5W (including LED light) rated frequency: 50HZ

Material: abs+ LED lamp + Wind machine line length: 100CM

Product size: 5*16.5*16.5CM

Using LED violet light source technology, the best use range of 60 square meters

Product Features

  • High-efficient mosquito-repellent soft eye safety and no fever intimate design extranet protection
  • Light source soft dark light does not hurt the eye does not affect sleep energy-saving life long light wavelength use process safety is not hot
  • Suitable for various occasions bedroom kitchen family shops, offices, hospitals, etc., not only kill mosquitoes, but also flies and other small insects
  • Easy to carry and beautiful and generous quickly add it to your shopping cart and get a mosquito that belongs to you.
  • humanized design, hygienic, easy to clean indoor use, outdoor use, please protect it from rain and strong wind

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