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Say Hello to Your Fat Body
Women around the world have been binding, or wrapping, their bodies after childbirth for years. Wrapping the belly and waist tightly after delivery helps speed the recovery process and expedites weight loss. We know how important your figure is to you. This belt can help you to get back in shape in time, with less loose fatty tissue
Built-In Boning
Belly also has built in boning to help support the lower back and improve posture during breastfeeding.

The belt assists with:
Maternity Abdominal Supports
Postpartum Recovery
The prevention of injuries
Post-operative problems
Shape to slim body

How to Maximize Results:
To maximize results start wearing the Belly immediately after delivery and wear the band as much as possible during the day and night. As soon as you put on the Belly band you will feel its slimming support and look instantly slimmer. Continue binding the belly by wearing the Belly band until you are back to your pre-baby self or no longer need additional abdominal support.

Product Features

  • Adjustable,elastic,easy to wear,and removable,comfortable for your skin
  • It can be worn under clothes, you can wear it when nursing or doing workout.Stretched to fit the natural curves of your body
  • Made from high quality lightweight fabric, it doesn’t roll up, very comfortable ,breathable to wear and easy to clean.
  • Reduced waistline and you can wear any fashionable clothes without looking embarrassed.
  • It is a great gift for women just after giving birth or anyone had surgical operation resulting in loose skin and back pain.

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