Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Underwear 5-pk Plain Multicolor Medium

We love baby palettes but we also believe pregnancy in style!  Whether you are a lace fanatic or a solid believer in simple chic, you would be in love with our maternity underwear collections.  As our humble contribution to a healthier globe, we use eco-dyeing method and run fabric quality test to ensure safety for your health and for our beloved Mother Nature.

Bringing joy and comfort is what Intimate Portal always strives for. In no doubt, pregnancy is THE most challenging journey one woman’s body endures. To make the journey a little bit easier, we carry a wide range of inner wear that is comfy for your bump and pretty for your soul.

Size Guide:

  • See last product image for size guide
  • Go by hip measurement for perfect fit

Care instructions:

  • Machine wash cold.
  • Hang dry recommended or tumble dry at cool setting.
  • Use less energy for a greener world and newer clothings.

Product Features

  • CLASSIC CROSSOVER STYLE: Intimate Portal’s signature cross over maternity bikini panties fit nicely under the bump without pressure. If you are carrying low, this low-cut maternity cotton panty is the answer to ultimate comfort.
  • LOW ON FRONT FULL ON BACK: Low rise maternity underwear with full rear coverage. Check out model picture for back view.
  • LIGHT COLOR LINING: Crotch inner lining made of 100% cotton fabric, we choose light colors for easy detection of any unusual spotting.
  • POSTPARTUM PANTY: Wear as regular cotton panties after delivery. Low-rise waistline makes c-section recovery easier.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% happy with our products, please contact us via Order Page for exchange or refund.

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3 Responses to Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Underwear 5-pk Plain Multicolor Medium

  1. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! These are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! We all go through that phase of pregnancy where we think we can actually make our regular underwear work until the end. Then somewhere between 20-30 weeks we hit that wall of surrender and realize we need new underwear NOW!. Like yesterday. This is my 4th pregnancy, and I’ve never ever found underwear this cute or this comfortable. I started thinking about a design that might actually work well for me and found these online. Then I looked everywhere for this…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great undies for a growing belly, very comfortable I am 5’5″, 150lbs, and 14w pregnant and I ordered a large based on the reviews. I normally order a small or medium in undies. I was worried that they would be too large when I opened the package, but I think they just looked large because they are full-bottomed. They ended up fitting really well. Full bottom, but low in the front to allow for the belly. Im happy to have undies that don’t roll down over on themselves because of my growing belly!The fabric is a nice medium weight with…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love them! I didn’t think I really *needed* maternity underwear but I’m so glad I bought them! I did not get the lace ones (some pics of reviews showed several strands) and got the regular band ones instead. They are perfect. I don’t really have any bottom so a lot of underwear rides up. These underwear stay put and they are so comfortable way below the band. Most of my underwear is stretchy but there were some pairs that ended up itching at the top panty line. I’m on here buying the 5 pack now! I…