How to Get Her Pregnant: Complete Guide For Men That Will Solve His Male Fertility Problems Once And For All (Healthy Pregnancy Guide Books Book 3)

Everytime a couple is trying to have a baby and doesn’t succeed it is believed that the woman has fertility problems. The truth is that men are just as prone to fertility problems as women are.

The book “How to Get Her Pregnant”, which is the 3rd book of the ‘Healthy Pregnancy Guide Books” series, deals with everyman’s fear: his swimmers are no good and he is facing infertility issues.

The author outlined a complete guide for all the couples out there who are trying to have a baby and had no luck so far, concentrating on the man’s problems in particular.

Inside the book you will discover things like

– the common causes of male infertility and how to deal with them;
– most popular male fertility myths and the truth about them
– fertility-killer foods he must avoid at all costs
– friendly and delicious foods that will boost your man’s fertility
– what are the most recommended supplements and vitamins for your man
– most efficient natural treatment for infertility
– most crucial things you must avoid in the bedroom
– and much much more.

The methods presented in this book have been researched and tried by the author and her husband, ultimately helping them get pregnant with the joy of their life, a baby girl.

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