Homescapes Body Pillow Case Black 330 Thread Count Satin Stripes 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale for Maternity/ pregnancy Pillows

This Homescapes bedding has been manufactured with long staple cotton fibre spun after finely combing the superior Egyptian cotton fibres in one of the most advanced spinning mills in the world. The fabric is then carefully woven and inspected to make it suitable for the exacting standards of the luxury hotels worldwide. This is a true 330 thread count fabric as the yarns and single count are not twisted. This matters to you as a consumer as you are getting a heavier quality of fabric, which will last for a long long time and will improve with each wash. It’s anti dust mite due to a high density weave and is also washable at 40 degrees, in your domestic washing machine, killing most allergens and mites. This bedding range has been manufactured in an environment, where quality is paramount. This is exactly the same as you would see in a 5 star hotel bedding.

Product Features

  • This is a single pillowcase. Size: 48 x 136cm or 19 x 54″, Black colour, Satin Stripe, 330 thread count cotton fabric. Pillow cases have deep overlaps, making it very easy for you to change the covers and the covers will not come off whilst being used.
  • 100% Combed Egyptian Cotton Fibre, 330 Thread Counts per square of Inch percale weave ( higher density than standard percale) for a cool & crisp feeling. Improves with each wash.
  • Hypoallergenic bedding: Anti Dust Mite fabric, machine washable at a high temperature to enable killing allergens.
  • Coordinating pillowcases (housewife and oxford), flat sheets, fitted sheets and duvet cover set in many sizes available with Homescapes.
  • Guaranteed Quality with Homescapes Brand – British company known for manufacturing & retailing uncompromising bed linen for domestic and hotel use.

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2 Responses to Homescapes Body Pillow Case Black 330 Thread Count Satin Stripes 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale for Maternity/ pregnancy Pillows

  1. Eduardo says:

    Poor Quality & Dull / Dirty looking Colour If the colour of your linen matters, then you will begin to understand why I have awarded these pillow cases just one star.There is no way anyone could describe the colour as blue. It’s a pale insipid green tint. The sort of tint you get when you accidentally wash a white shirt with a colour that runs! Neither really green, nor white, insipid, like I said.I have a plausible theory that the seller could not shift this nasty looking slime like item that he simply re-labelled it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bought this for my 5’2″ wife but it’s almost bigger than she is so I get to use this new pillow and she has my older (smaller) version. Great quality and well made. I use this pillow to help with posture in bed after a hip replacement and several spine operations. It has helped to improve quality of sleep and reduce pain levels in the mornings. As an added bonus, can be used as a replacement for my wife as it doesn’t hog the duvet during the night.I’d recommend buying some decent…