FittaMamma Supportive Maternity Exercise Leggings

Simply the most supportive maternity leggings available, with a unique waist panel designed to hold your bump and lower back where it feels best for you, depending on what exercise you’re doing and which trimester you’re in. Ideal for any pregnancy exercise, these look good in the gym or your pregnancy yoga class and can be worn for running, cycling or for everyday wear. High quality design and fabric ensures these maternity leggings fit well throughout your pregnancy, stretch when you stretch (without falling down!) and are just as flattering after you’ve had your baby too. Perfect after a C-Section, providing comfortable support with nothing to irritate your tender tummy!

Product Features

  • Highly supportive waist panel helps support back ache and SPD
  • Unique double layer supportive waist panel can be worn up to completely cover your bump or rolled down to sit comfortably underneath
  • Made from soft cotton with moisture wicking CoolDry moisture management technology
  • Great for both high and low impact activities and for every day support
  • Supports bump and pelvis and helps with post pregnancy tummy

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2 Responses to FittaMamma Supportive Maternity Exercise Leggings

  1. Kate says:

    I would definately never buy these pants again. Nothing …

  2. Mama bear says:

    Expensive and not that supportive Yes the material is a little shinny, and more see through than I would like them to be as yoga pants, but I must say I only have had this one pair my entire pregnancy (yoga three times a week) and now I am 35 weeks pregnant, I really appreciate the comfort and the band is still in tact and so is the rest of the material. If you are looking for decent support, get a pregnancy belt. Don’t expect that function from these. You wouldn’t want that anyways because after a while, you’ll be dying to…