Fitbook Mama2B: 40-Week Pregnancy Journal for an Active Mom and Healthy Baby

Write it down. Make it happen. Introducing Fitbook: the personalized, flexible and functional line of fitness and nutrition journals that offer a unique system to plan for success, track progress, and reach your goals. Meet Fitbook mama2b: the chubby 40-week fitness and nutrition journal designed to help expectant mamas set goals and track progress to ensure an active and healthy pregnancy. Most pregnancy journals are all about baby – this one is all about you, mama. With Fitbook mama2b you will use our guide to determine your “healthy baby weight gain” and set goals each trimester to keep you focused over the next 40 weeks. Each week you’ll plan workouts to ensure you make time in your busy schedule, plus make note of any upcoming doctor appointments, track healthy baby weight gain, get fit tips specific to each week of your pregnancy, and finally track the size of your growing baby indicated by a little fruit or veggie. Fitbook tracks progress daily by recording workouts, logging food and water intake – and those precious hours of sleep. You’ll journal thoughts along the way, creating a sweet memento of your journey. Finally, you’ll reflect on your pregnancy, reward yourself for staying on track, and record the birth of your sweet little one. A fit (prego) mama means a healthy baby and quicker return to your pre-baby bod.

Product Features

  • 40-week journal with trimester planning and weekly goal setting pages to plan workouts, log doctor appointments, and track healthy baby weight gain. Plus, fit tips and a fruit or veggie showing the size of the baby to track growth of baby week-by-week
  • Daily food log to record healthy eats with trackers for nutrients, vitamins, water, sleep and daily workout pages to track exercise
  • Features a guide to determine healthy pregnancy weight gain, power pregnancy foods with essential nutrients for baby, tips for a fit pregnancy, and guide to get fit after baby arrives
  • Memento of your pregnancy to journal thoughts along the way, log important health stats weekly, and record the birth of your little one
  • Portable and durable at just 5.5 inches square; includes a pint-size pen, strap to mark your place and slot in the back to store doctor appointment cards, gym id, or sonogram pics

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