Fertility & Pregnancy Crystals – 6 Grade A Fertility Tumblestones – Healing Crystal Gemstones – Malachite – Moonstone – Turquoise – Purple Fluorite – Aquamarine – Rose Quartz

Beautiful healing stones especially chosen to support fertility, conception & pregnancy.

You will receive 1 personally selected grade A smoothstone Turquoise 30-40mm and 5 tumblestones medium sized approx. 20-30mm: 1Malachite, 1Moonstone, 1Rose Quartz, 1Aquamarine, 1Fluorite. They are gift packed in a pale blue organza pouch with a Soul Cafe gift tag. The tag contains information how each stone supports with fertility, conception & pregnancy. There is also an affirmation to support you. (You may wish to use your own affirmations)

Rose Quartz helps to increase fertility and supports pregnancy.
Aquamarine helps to alleviate any fears & is protective during pregnancy.
Turquoise supports increases & supports fertility. Assists conception.
Moonstone boosts female energy and enhances fertility.
Fluorite is excellent for regulating and stabilising hormones.
Malachite is very protective during pregnancy and childbirth.

I trust my body. I have balance and harmony allowing an easy conception.
I welcome new beginnings in my life.
I surrender to the power of nature. I now manifest my decision to have a health pregnancy and healthy baby.

Note the healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are NOT prescriptions or health care information.

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