The moment you realize that you want to start a family with your partner is also the moment that you need to start taking care of yourself better in order to make sure that your body is healthy and ready for change that is about to go through.Fertility can be defined as the natural capacity to conceive a child.However, fertility does not come easily –the inability to conceive naturally after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse.There are things you can do to improve your fertility, increase the odds that you will conceive quickly , and reduce your risk of infertility.The more you know ,the better It is commonly acknowledged that an able-bodied lady can give birth and enjoy a healthy baby, however, at times, women get used to bad habits, which may affect their fertility. in this book we will focus on those habits, in order to maintain a good balance of fertility, it is crucial to get through changing old pasterns of lifestyles and starting a life full of considering health criteria and applying safeguards in preparation for having a new baby.

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