Female Fertility test / Menopause / FSH / Strip test – 3 Test Pack

As I am sure you are aware a woman’s fertility starts to decline after she gets to 30 but what you probably did not know is that the hormone F.S.H. (follicle stimulating hormone) is intimately involved with a woman’s fertility and rising levels tend to be associated with reduced fertility. F.S.H. is the hormone that maintains the regular function of your ovaries and sex hormones it is a useful aid to assessing your fertility. This test will indicate whether your F.S.H levels are raised or not – a positive test result suggests your fertility is reduced and we recommend that you see your doctor to discuss the results and perhaps have more tests done.

Product Features

  • Simple, Reliable and Accurate
  • CE approved
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 25 mIU/mL Sensitivity
  • 3 Test Pack

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2 Responses to Female Fertility test / Menopause / FSH / Strip test – 3 Test Pack

  1. Jen says:

    FSH Cassette test Well bought this because we’ve been TTC (trying to conceive) for a long time – at least in my opinion. I’m 36 so no spring chicken, so I thought maybe as much as I don’t want it to be so, I just might be going through early menopause. Did the test and it does what it says on the box. It comes with a handy pipette, it’s actually cute :)! You feel like a lab tech, but for piece of mind it’s a convenient way to find out what you need to know instead of waiting for the Dr and in the comfort of…

  2. nic says:

    Very satisfied with these test strips which I bought to check …