ewinever(TM) Soft Silicone Belly For Skinny Bodies Artificial Tummy For Belly Fake Pregnancy Silicone All Size (8-10 Month)

Have you ever dreamed of being pregnant and having a bump?
Well this is your chance, the bump is made from 100% silicone and has the feel and look of a real Pregnant tummy
The tummy will hold to your skin and it will feel like it has become one with you,
it has large Velcro strap on back of the belly so you can wear it as tight or as loose as you wish.
The strap is also a custom length for you so you can adjust to suit you.
Its quality means you should be able to wear this item with out sweating or having a heat rash as the silicone will mould to your body.
I have had customers wear this all day with no problems.

Product Features

  • Material:medical silicone gel

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