Eat Yourself Pregnant: Essential Recipes for Boosting Your Fertility Naturally

Interest in natural ways to improve fertility is soaring. For many people, it feels time to take control of their health to give themselves the best chance to get their body baby-ready and increase their chances of getting pregnant. Zita West, midwife to the stars, knows that nutrition can make a huge difference to your fertility. In her first nutritional health cookbook, she explains how equipping your body with essential nutrients ensures that your reproductive system is prepared for a successful pregnancy. Part 1 of the book will show you how to assess your fertility. Next there is a detox plan to cleanse your body of chemicals that can prevent conception, and prepare your body; followed by a 10-week fertility-boosting programme. Zita ensures that the vital nutrients are all included: especially magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese. She also includes notes for both men as well as women, and for those trying for a baby later in life, or with specific problems, such as PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids. Part 2 contains 80 mouth-watering recipes, all designed to be easily incorporated into a busy life. Try Indonesian Chicken with Buckwheat Noodles, Chilli-Glazed Salmon with Cucumber Lime Salad or Molasses Ginger Cookies. All delicious and all going a long way to help you to realise your dream of having a baby.

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3 Responses to Eat Yourself Pregnant: Essential Recipes for Boosting Your Fertility Naturally

  1. Flimo says:

    On balance, worth a go! We had a go at the detox diet that apparently gets your body ready and optimal for conception.The plus points:The recipes are easy to follow.The recipes are tasty – a big effort has been made to inject flavour into this food.Great granola recipe.Great veggie burger recipe.Lovely, moist, almond bread.So, some recipes I will be making as part of my normal diet.The negative points:Eating like a Hollywood star (the book is endorsed…

  2. 213kimberley says:

    Excellent book, very similar to the acid/alkaline diet

  3. nicola lawrance says:

    Five Stars