At-home Early pregnancy test 2 pack, early detection pregnancy detects all major pregnancy hormones commonly found in urine. Use as directed

Product Features

  • Over 99% Reliable Pregnancy Test – Lovia detects more than 99% accuracy of hCG concentrations of 12.5 mlU / ml and higher in urine.
  • Early Detection – Due to the high sensitivity of the test, it can be used 4 days before the absence of menses.
  • Simple to use and quick diagnosis – Urinate directly on the absorbent band for at least 5 seconds, wait 3-5 minutes, you will get a result.
  • Hygienic and practical – individually packaged, hygienic and clean. Detect anytime, anywhere.
  • Pack: 2 pcs Pregnancy Test Sticks (HCG).If you have a lot of questions about the product, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide the best service to the customer.

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