Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months

There are approximately 3,712 ways for a guy to look stupid during pregnancy – this book’s here to help you avoid all(most) of them. And here’s your first hint: Focus on what you can be doing for her rather than what’s happening to her.

She’s pregnant. She knows that. You know that. And her 152 baby books tell her exactly what she can expect. Your job is to learn what you can do between the stick turning blue and the drive to the delivery room to make the next nine months go as smoothly as possible. That’s where John Pfeiffer steps in.

Like any good coach, he’s been through it. He’s dealt with the morning sickness and doctor visits, painting the baby’s nursery and packing the overnight bag, choosing a name, hospital, and the color of the car-seat cover. All the while he remained positive and responsive – there with a “You’re beautiful” when necessary – but assertive during the decision-making process (he didn’t want to wind up with a kid named Percy). And now it’s your turn.

She might be having the baby, but you have plenty of responsibilities.

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3 Responses to Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sexist and terrible This book is so condescending and misogynistic. I regret buying it. I gave it to my husband and within a couple chapters he was reading me excerpts in disbelief. Filled with inspiring quotes such as “Make it clear to your BMP (Baby Making Partner) that you still expect a hot meal and foot rub upon your arrival home from work.” and “up to 15% of men suffer from postpartum depression, and that’s only the number of wimps who are actually willing to admit it.” I scoured the context…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dude-bro writing This book is SO BAD. Here and there you can find little helpful facts if your a first time father but otherwise you’re basically reading bad jokes that sound like they are coming from an adult who is trying too hard to relate to a frat guy.I would read parts of the book aloud to my wife just because they were so outrageous and she couldn’t believe I could keep reading. The book ranges from immature potty humor to flat out sexist remarks.If you want something actually…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I *HATED* This Book This book is awful. Seriously, save yourself the money. Instead, find a drunken frat buddy — ideally one who is a failed comic. If they’re childless, the advice will be on-par with this book. If they have a kid, then you actually might come out ahead. Either way, at least you’ll be drunk.This book makes every stupid cliche joke you can think of. Worst of all, it imparts little-to-no useful information.Unsatisfied, I looked around for another book, and found “The…