Compression Socks in Stylish Design for Exercise, Pregnancy, Travelling or General Comfort by Saga Socks, 2 pack, Argyle and Pink

COMPRESSION SOCKS FOR WOMEN – PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF ACTIVITIES ✔ Running ✔ Cycling ✔ Gym & Fitness ✔ Crossfit ✔ Rugby ✔ Tennis ✔ Athletics ✔ Football ✔ Travelling ✔ Pregnancy
High quality stylish compression socks for women.

Product Features

  • Compression socks with moderate compression. Ideal for women in professions where you are on your feet all day such as nurses, shop keepers, doctors, hair dressers, waitresses or in the office when you both want support and a fashion statement!
  • Ideal to use for running, athletic sports, walking, hiking, crossfit, cyckling and fitness. Compression socks are proven to improve recovery and to prevent injuries. Great to use during pregnancy/materinity or longhaul flights or general travelling.
  • The major benefits of using compression socks are to improve venous blood flow, prevent venous blood from pooling in the legs, decrease the risk of blood clots, lessen leg swelling and improve symptoms of vein disease
  • Size: M-L, UK 6-7, EU 39-41. Materials: 85% Nylon – 15% Elasthan, machine washable. Moderate compression (15-20 mmHG).
  • Saga Socks deliver high quality products and we offer a one year guarantee on all our compression socks.

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