Complete Pregnancy Fitness [DVD]

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3 Responses to Complete Pregnancy Fitness [DVD]

  1. Amazon Shopper says:

    Great Pregnancy Fitness DVD

  2. Joy says:

    Great workout! As I’m still pregnant, I haven’t yet tried the postnatal dvd, but if it’s anything like the prenatal one, it’s great! Erin is a fun host and I love the fact that I actually sweat doing this workout, even though it’s not super-hardcore (since it’s for pregnant women)! She gives tips on how to make it more strenuous if you’re up to it, as well as how to step it down if you’re feeling out of breath. She seems like a normal person and is not obnoxious to see over and over again. The section for you…

  3. Mrs. Hannah Fa Woolven says:

    Fab – I love it