Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Kit – Pack of 10

Product Features

  • Identifies your 4 prefarable days to get pregnant
  • Identifies extra fertile days, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant naturally
  • 99 % accurate at detecting the LH surge in laboratory trials
  • Offers 20 sticks to increase your chances of detecting your LH surge in a given cycle

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2 Responses to Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Kit – Pack of 10

  1. amanda says:

    worked first time after having alot of problems with my periods (over 20years) i actually didnt even think i was ovulating. i am 40 years old (if that helps anyone) and decided to try this product to see if indeed i was ovulating. i did some research to find that woman start their period 14-16days after ovulating so i hoped it may help track my period in addition to whether i was ovulating. i started by testing in the morning of about day 10 and was getting the circle. i decided then just to see what would…

  2. quel says: