Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide: The healthy way to exercise and eat before, during and after pregnancy (Clean and Lean Diet)

Whether you want to boost your fertility, ensure your body is in the best possible shape before birth, or get it back afterwards, staying active and eating healthily is more important than ever. James Duigan’s Clean & Lean philosophy has encouraged thousands to improve their diet and here he turns his attention to helping you achieve optimum health for you and your baby. The proud father of one-year-old Charlotte, Clean & Lean Pregnancy is based on first-hand experience and covers: Gentle, safe exercises, illustrated with step-by-step photographs, for every stage of your pregnancy, including exercises designed to get rid of your ‘mum tum’, healthy eating dos and don’ts, plus advice on the best choices when eating out and tips on dealing with cravings. This book also includes flexible meal plans, delicious recipes and James’ trademark ‘Bad, better, best’ columns, advice on life post-baby, including getting enough sleep, recovering lost energy and what to eat when breastfeeding.

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3 Responses to Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide: The healthy way to exercise and eat before, during and after pregnancy (Clean and Lean Diet)

  1. Susan Quinlan says:

    The best healthy pregnancy guide. I think this book is brilliant. I’m nearly 15 weeks pregnant and have read quite a few pregnancy books but this new book is definitely the best one. It’s a very positive book and it gives a lot of encouraging advice and a simple exercise plan to follow for each trimester. The exercises could all be done anywhere since they don’t require weights just a small resistance band loop which I bought from a fitness shop but it can also be bought from Amazon.. The recipes in the back of the…

  2. Jakeandjohnreviews says:

    I wish I’d found this book sooner. I have been a big clean & lean fan for years now but this book fell way short of the mark. If you’ve ever been to yoga you’ll know all the exercises and unless you’ve been living under a rock the pregnancy and diet advice is very basic. It’s very washy compared to most healthy pregnancy books – not really enough detail in any area – he’s played it very safe in this book and it’s dull reading and you can get better advice in plenty of alternatives – look for a pregnancy expert (Gowri Motha,…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a big advocate of James Duigan’s Lean and Clean plan, and you can find my review of the first book among my other reviews, for this one though, I thought it best to hand over to my wife.’I love the Clean and Lean plan. It’s easy to follow and makes logical sense, and when stuck to properly, (I have to confess to slipping more than I would want) has tremendous results. From the first book I really bought into the whole concept. That said, when the second one came along,…