Christine Hill’s Pregnancy Guide: The essential handbook for all expectant mothers

Having spent the last 25 years taking ante- and post-natal classes, Christine Hill knows what questions women will ask and what their main worries are.

With short, digestible chapters, Christine Hill’s Pregnancy Guide takes you through the nine months of pregnancy, giving guidance to expectant mothers as their lives change in the run up to birth. This parent-focused antenatal book offers accurate, practical and reassuring advice on:

– Birth issues: when to go to the GP, gestation, where to have the baby, what sort of birth
– Work issues: when to tell them, planning maternity leave, what clothes to wear
– Physical adjustments and irritations of pregnancy: exercise, emotional issues, coping skills
– What happens during labour: appropriate pain relief, breathing techniques and the best labour positions

Written in Christine’s fun and engaging style, this indispensable guide will help mothers to make the best of their pregnancy, have a positive birth and find the confidence to enjoy their new family.

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2 Responses to Christine Hill’s Pregnancy Guide: The essential handbook for all expectant mothers

  1. Ms. S. Phillips says:

    Great Buy I have purchased a number of baby books and found the style of this one to be the best by far. The tone is informative without being patronising, you feel like Christine Hill is in the room ‘chatting’ to you. However this does not mean that the book is not detailed – there is LOTS of information! I found the section on the stages of labour to be the most detailed (yet reassuring) I have read yet. Christine does not appear to have a personal crusade or agenda as so many health care…

  2. Sarra Hayes says:

    Brilliant pregnancy guide This is an absolutely brilliant pregnancy guide covering all you need to know about being pregnant. It offers loads of fantastic advice and tips for all the situations you face and find yourself in over 9 months. Unlike other guides I’ve read, it really focuses on YOU, and your thoughts & feelings & daily life, rather than just objectively telling you about your developing baby. It is informative, amusing, and a really good read. There’s also a brilliant chapter for dads, covering all the…