Cheap Pregnancy Ovulation Test Strips (10HCG+30LH) Highly Sensitive Fertility test 25miu/ml Clear Accurate Quick Results

How does a home pregnancy test work and ovulation test work?

These ovulation tests detect the L.H. surge bymeasuring the amount of L.H. in urine.Please remember to use the first morning urine for test pregnant. This strip is used to test whether your urine had included in hormone (H.C.G), which builds up quickly in your body in first few days after conception. The test is enable us to detecting whether you were pregnant as early as 6 days.

What am I supposed to do with whether I’m pregnant or not?

If your pregnancy test results are positive, you should consult your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and what steps should be taken next. If your test is negative and you still think you may be pregnant, re- test a few days later. If I see 2 lines but one is fainter than the other is this a positive result? Yes, if 2 lines appear you are pregnant no matter how faint the lines appear.

How do I test my ovulation and which is the only answer to ovulation?

The tenth day of menstruation begins to measure, every day with ovulation test paper test. If you find that you are getting stronger gradually, increase the frequency of the test, preferably every four hours. When the color of the test paper reaches its deepest point, it will ovulate for the next 24 hours.

How long will it take before I can read the result?

You can read the results after 1-5 minutes.

How accurate are these tests?

All our tests have proved greater than 99.9% accuracy in laboratory and consumer studies. We strongly recommend you to test more than 5 days continuously.

Can anything affect the results of these tests?

Drinking alcohol, painkillers, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and other common drugs will affect the result of these tests. Medicines that contain HCG. which can produce a false positive result. If you had occurred above situation, then we suggest you to take test after 48 hours.

Bag Contains

Product Features

  • • Free certain amount of urine collection cups
  • • Simple, Reliable and Accuracy, CE Approved,Clear Quick Results,Ovulation and pregnancy tests paper package cheap for women
  • • These fertility test strip (LH and HCG) are at a sensitivity of 25 mIU and work to an accuracy
  • • Continuously detects LH levels in urine to indicate LH surge, predict ovulation next 24-48 hours. And whether the test has been pregnant.
  • • Not for sale to persons under the age of 16. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 16 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.

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