Cassanovum Early Detection Pregnancy Test – 10mIU/ml sensitive PINK Compact (10 Tests)…

Cassanovum Early Detection Pregnancy Tests are easy read sensitive urine dipping tests and will detect pregnancy with concentrations of hCG above 10 mIU/ml. Planning and preparing for pregnancy will maximise your chances of conceiving faster. Knowing and understanding your cycle is key to achieving conception earlier. The hCG hormone is commonly referred to as pregnancy hormone and its levels above 10mIU/ml can indicate pregnancy. Early detection pregnancy tests are ultra-sensitive and can detect the presence of the hormone up to 6 days earlier than the day of your expected period, however most certain results are obtained on or after the day of your missed period. An informative full colour instruction leaflet is included.

Product Features

  • Accurate Early Detection Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy (HCG hormone) in urine
  • Ultra-sensitive and can show pregnancy up to 6 days before expected period
  • Every pack comes with an informative full colour leaflet with full instructions
  • Results seen within 5 minutes, Easy to read and interpret as per leaflet pictures

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3 Responses to Cassanovum Early Detection Pregnancy Test – 10mIU/ml sensitive PINK Compact (10 Tests)…

  1. Mrs M says:

    Faint positive 3 weeks pregnant.

  2. M-Moo06 says:


  3. adrian moorouse says:

    Very VERY early detection. These tests picked up a BFP DAYS before a First response, as it was so so so early – I didn’t believe it and thought they were a dud batch. I went back to look at them after a 2 FRERS and Digital confirmed I was pregnant. I must have been about 8 or 9 dpo when I used the cassanovum – no later than that – and I was getting visible lines on them. The lines were not pink – so I dismissed them thinking they were evaporation lines. Seems not though. Unfortunately I miscarried, but will buy these…