Bump It Up: The Dynamic, Flexible Exercise and Healthy Eating Plan For Before, During and After Pregnancy

A consultant to numerous sportswomen and celebrities, and the performance expert behind the incredible Comic Relief and Sports Relief challenges, Professor Greg Whyte OBE is well known for his innovative fitness programmes which are regarded as the gold standard when it comes to healthy living.

In BUMP IT UP, Greg clears away the confusion and dispels the many myths surrounding exercise and pregnancy to offer invaluable guidance on how to exercise safely and eat healthily through each trimester and beyond. Describing pregnancy as a two-year journey, not merely one that lasts for nine months, Greg, a father of three, also explains how the right exercise and a healthy, balanced lifestyle will …

· boost your chances of conception
· help you to be fit and relaxed through each stage of your pregnancy
· reduce your stress levels as you prepare for labour
· keep you energized and active as you adapt to the demands of motherhood

Guiding you through each trimester, Greg provides an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated exercise programme suitable for all levels of fitness, and a healthy eating plan, which includes expert guidance on nutrition and a range of delicious and adaptable recipes created by an award-winning food writer.

Designed to keep you feeling on top form, and with an inspirational foreword by mum and celebrity fitness expert Davina McCall, BUMP IT UP is both practical and empowering – a one-stop-shop for essential advice on how to be fit, active and healthy before, during and after pregnancy.

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3 Responses to Bump It Up: The Dynamic, Flexible Exercise and Healthy Eating Plan For Before, During and After Pregnancy

  1. Richard G. says:

    Excellent new book on pregnancy and exercise. Professor Greg Whyte has produced yet another excellent and informative book, this time predominantly aimed at women, the appropriate focus since pregnancy affects them most, and their partners. The book, however, is also an excellent ‘one- stop shop’, an almanac even, that can serve as a resource for clinical and science professionals who work with special populations.Physical activity and exercise are areas that everyone seems to think they know something about. True experts, who are…

  2. Dr Andy Lane says:

    A much needed book. Exercise has health benefits; … A much needed book. Exercise has health benefits; we all feel we know that but we also know that we need to consider how pregnancy might affect our health and the child’s health. People search the internet, but its not possible to judge the quality of the information. With Prof Whyte, we have a proven professional offering his knowledge and experience. I am recommending this book to my family members currently pregnant; not my wife.. no more Lane children for me… I will be worried if the book…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    One of the best pregnancy books out there!