Bump belt Driving Pregnancy Car Seat Belt ✮ Protects the baby and the mother avoiding the risk of abortion


It is a seatbelt adapter that easily attaches to the car seat, to travel safely while caring for the baby’s health

► What it does is prevent the belt press the belly so that mom made the drive in a more comfortable way.
► With this model is achieved not harm the fetus during pregnancy. Must be properly placed to protect you and your baby. It is positioned so that the belt passes under the belly without any reduction security.
► ASAP recommend using this belt for pregnant, once known to be in a state of pregnancy can start using to reduce any risk of abortion.

It is very easy and simple to use and makes your travel more comfortable drive when you’re pregnant. Brings efficiency and safety for any kind of abrupt deceleration of the vehicle or pull.

Designed to provide safety and avoid the blow seatbelt could receive the fetus in the event of an accident or stroke occurs.

This model is safer and more effective than other models that only have a single central latch

✓ 2 side latches that provide greater security
✓ By having 2 side hooks can be used with pants in winter and in summer skirt
✓ Cushion on which to sit very comfortable

The use of seat belts in the car is compulsory for pregnant and this model is recommended by the DGT for use by pregnant, makes it more comfortable and safe drive.


█► DON’T WAIT MORE AND ADD TO BASKET IN THE YELLOW BOTTOM, your future baby will thank you

Product Features

  • ► AVOID the risks to the baby and mother in car journeys and possible abortions
  • ► DOUBLE clamping on both sides for added safety and comfort belt
  • ► SAFE, comfortable and easy to use in any car seat
  • ► APPROVED and tested according to European safety tests and regulations
  • ► DESIGNED for use with skirts and pants. Reduce over 50% the risk of harm to the fetus

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2 Responses to Bump belt Driving Pregnancy Car Seat Belt ✮ Protects the baby and the mother avoiding the risk of abortion

  1. Roberto says:

    Excellent product. Like an insurance

  2. Kevin says:

    Wife loved it. Keeps the seat belt off of her bump.