Bolster Pillow + FREE PILLOW CASE

1: Our full body support Bolster pillow is designed to run the length of your body giving additional support and a reduction in pressure experienced in the neck,shoulders,spine,and lower body. By moulding to your body countours naturally this pillow is ideal to supports your weight. 2:Fantastic to use during the pregnancy as the nature of the full body pillow provides support and an excellent resting place for an ever expanding tummy! This will most definitely counteract those uncomfortable nights where it feels almost impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position.3: Hypo allergenic and dust mite free, this pillow is filled with 100% hollow fibre. our full body bolster is without doubt luxurious soft giving a source of orthopaedic support and comfort to rest on which is second to none.

Product Features

  • Comfy Bolster Pillow with Pillow Case
  • Fits for your King Size Bed: Size (apprx) 60
  • A very genuine product, extremely confortable and an excellent investment in your personal comfort
  • Top Quality Product Manufactured in the UK. BE SAFE BUY BRITISH!

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2 Responses to Bolster Pillow + FREE PILLOW CASE

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    I’m really happy with the product

  2. Tiguano says:

    QUITE COMFORTABLE, BUT COULD DO WITH A THICKER AND FIRMER FILLING. BOLSTER PILLOWS ARE GREAT and give better comfort to your head whilst sleeping. The pillow lengths are available for various sizes of a bed, mainly for double beds ( 4ft – 4’6″ wide ) and king size beds ( 5ft wide and more). Putting a pillow case on a bolster pillow is a little more difficult than placing a pillow case on a shorter standard size pillow. However, the extra effort is well worth it for a more comfortable sleep. It can also be used in different ways as a comfortable…