This Newborn Crib Mobile Is a Fan-Favorite Among Doctors

Designed with certified child life specialists, the Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is in a league of its own. Made based off of input from healthcare professionals, it boasts being the mobile of choice in hundreds of hospitals. Now, families can add the developmental-boosting product to their child’s nursery at home.

The clamp attaches to almost all bassinets, cribs and playards, and has no removable parts so moms and dads don’t have to worry about pieces falling into baby’s crib. Best yet, all parts are cleanable, and designed to withstand hospital disinfectants.

Made with remarkable visual and auditory stimulation, it features dual-sided panels, a large dome mirror and a night light with celestial images. Parents can also adjust the visual acuity range, and choose from five sound options that are either auditory stimulating or comforting, including heartbeat, white noise, lullaby, ocean waves and classical music. And the newest model of the mobile allows parents to record their own voice and play it back for baby to hear.

It’s no wonder the Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is listed as an Amazon’s Choice product. Parents can’t help but rave about the visual and auditory sensations it offers their children.

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PHOTO: Nurture Smart

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