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Ashley Graham Begs For Help Finding Workout Pants That Cover Her Bump

Ashley Graham/Instagram Ashley Graham can’t find yoga pants that won’t slip off her bump and every pregnant woman has totally been there Finding maternity clothes that actually fit is one of the major conundrums that most pregnant women face. While dresses and tops can be difficult enough, probably the biggest pain in the butt is locating the perfect pair of workout pants, especially when your bump starts to pop. Seriously. They are either too tight and cut into your bump or not tight enough and fall off. […]

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Drug Overdose And Suicide Are Leading Causes Of Postpartum Death In CA

JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty “Deaths caused by drugs and suicide are a major contributor to mortality in the postpartum period and warrant increased clinical attention,” wrote the study’s authors Due to all the physical, biochemical and circumstantial changes that occur during pregnancy and early motherhood, it’s not uncommon for women to suffer emotionally. An estimated one in seven new mothers struggle with postpartum depression, a statistic shocking in and of itself. What’s even worse, is that many women don’t make it out of the postpartum period at all. According […]

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