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Is Bakuchiol a Pregnancy-Safe Alternative to Retinol?

I can appreciate the despair so many pregnant women feel when they have to say goodbye to retinol. In case you aren’t familiar, retinol is a form of vitamin A that is touted by many as a skin cream miracle ingredient but most experts suggest staying away from it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The good news, though, is that some skincare companies have claimed to have discovered a safe alternative with results similar to that of retinol, and that ingredient is (drumroll please…) bakuchiol. What in the […]

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Remedies for After Birth “Exit” Care

721 Shares A few of you have asked me to put a list together of tips on how to care for the good china after giving birth. So thanks to your suggestions, and what I found online, here’s the glorious list on how to get your tender bits back in order. Here are suggestions for after birth care: • Ice wrapped in a washcloth • Use a squirt bottle filled with water to rinse while you pee • Hold a clean pad firmly against the wound and […]

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