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When Did Women Start Laying Down to Give Birth?

Although they may not know the term, any television viewer can recognize the lithotomy position: the feet-in-stirrups, hair-perfectly-blown-out posture women assume for giving birth. It’s not a great position to be in even on routine checkup days, as anyone who has been asked to “scoot a little closer” and then somehow relax understands. But as a birthing position, the lithotomy position is even more controversial, having been linked to unnecessary interventions like inductions and C-sections. So why did women start laying down to give birth in the […]

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Is Your Doctor Evidence-Based? Questions to Ask When Choosing a Care Provider

Choosing a care provider is one of the first decisions you make after getting your positive test. One simple way to help narrow down your search is to prepare yourself with some questions ahead of time that go well beyond, “are they in my network?” and “how close are they to a decent burrito joint?” Why does it matter who delivers my baby? While each person should theoretically have a similar skill set, there are big differences between care providers – even within the same practice. The […]

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Postpartum Bleeding and Blood Clots (Fun or what?!)

466 Shares In pregnancy, a bleeding and blood clot discussion may not be high on your list of topics to enjoy with morning coffee. We can guarantee, however, you will be glad you had this information after your baby arrives! After nine blessed months of freedom from worry about ‘Aunt Flo’s’ arrival, suddenly questions about postpartum bleeding and blood clots will top your list. To save frantic Googling when the time arrives, here are the answers to the most common questions you are likely to have. Why […]

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