Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Discuss Homeschooling

With schools closed across the country, many parents are now tasked with homeschooling their children—a feat that is certainly not as easy as looks and has parents everywhere worshipping teachers, including Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The three-time Tony winner and Hamilton creator appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition—in which Jimmy Fallon records parts of the show from his home—yesterday and opened up about what it’s been like homeschooling his children, Sebastian, 5, and Fransisco, 2, during these crazy times.

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“Everything is cool. We are doing the cool thing to do which is self-quarantining, which means we are at home with our two kids,” Miranda said. “We have a kindergartener and a two-year-old, so we’re learning how to homeschool.” He then referenced Shona Rhimes’ recent viral tweet and added, “Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year.”

When Fallon then asked if Miranda was finding time to get “a lot of writing done” while at home, Miranda answered, “I’m not getting work done. I’m learning how to teach math”—and parents everywhere can relate. In terms of what Miranda’s been doing to keep his kids occupied, he says he’s found “amazing resources online,” including a doodling class by children’s author Mo Willems. “My kids’ doodles are legit good after following along with him,” Miranda praises, running to grab a picture Sebastian made of a pigeon.

Of course, Fallon had already showcased a picture by his eldest daughter Winnie, 6, at the very beginning of the show—a title card. “My graphics department is Winnie Fallon, who is 6 years old,” he explained jokingly, while holding up a strip of paper that read Miranda’s name. “So thank you, Winnie.”

He ends the show with a call for questions for him or kids—or even his wife, who he says “doesn’t like to be on camera.” (“Maybe, make ‘em good,” she responds with a laugh while continuing to film Fallon.)

COVID-19 has disrupted life for pretty much everyone—and any parent who’s currently trying to homeschool their child knows how hard it is! If you’ve got little ones at home and you’re looking for fun ways to help them learn, check out our tips.

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