Gordon Ramsay’s Baby Sports His Trademark Scowl During First Haircut

What goes around, comes around! Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, known for his fiery temper, welcomed his fifth child this past April, and his son already seems to be taking after his father—at least when it comes to facial expressions.

Almost 5-month-old Oscar just got his first haircut. The proud papa and star of MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen shared the moment on Instagram a few days ago with the caption, “Not happy having my first hair cut”—and the comments section filled up fast.

“That facial expression looks familiar,” one wrote, while another took it a step further: “I can hear this baby screaming ‘the fookin’ meat is raw, you muppet.’” “He’s got the look down for running Hell’s Kitchen already!!” another fan wrote, while someone else noted that “Ramsay Rage starts young.”

Ramsay is famous for his disapproving faces and iconic tirades, and his fans were happy to point out that his son seems to have inherited his temperament, or at least his reaction to things he doesn’t approve of. If you watch MasterChef Junior, you’ve seen the chef’s softer side, but on his other shows, hell hath no fury like a chef biting into still-frozen scallops.

Commenters clearly felt Oscar’s haircut wrath, writing, “He looks like he’s gonna start cursing me out,” and, “You can already see him critiquing the undercooked chicken.” But no one can ignore the little guy’s adorableness. As one fan put it, “He’s so your baby Gordon lol what a cutie!!!”

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PHOTO: Rob Kim / Gordon Ramsay

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