Check Out the Amazing Costumes One Mom Crocheted for Her Kids

We have deep respect for any parent that makes their kids’ Halloween costumes. But one mom has taken the DIY route to the next level, hand-crocheting masterpieces that have us marveling in awe.

Every year, Stephanie Pokorny, the designer behind Crochetverse, crochets costumes that her kids have picked out, continuing a tradition she herself experienced as a child. “My mom did it for me as a child and I vividly recall being so excited to wear them!” she wrote a post on her website.

This year, her sons Jack and Jake picked Skeletor and Xenomorph Alien, respectively, for their costumes. Pokorny debuted both in separate posts on her Instagram. Each took her approximately 45 hours to create (talk about dedication!), and each includes some very cool highlights. While Skeletor’s eyes “light up for an extra evil touch,” she explains, Xenomorph Alien features a suspended tail, coils, spokes and drool made out of icing—plus, it too glows in the dark.

In the past, Pokorny’s costumes have been just as inventive, with versions of a crocheted Harry Potter costume, Mickey Mouse Pizza and E.T.


Not only are these costumes bound to be the coolest on the block, but they’ll also keep her kids warm. “We live in Ohio so that coziness of crochet is always so welcome on brisk (sometimes snowy!) Halloweens!” she wrote in the first of her two debut Instagram posts. Another bonus: Pokorny makes sure to keep the facial details on the forehead or on top of the head of the costume, so her kids’ vision remains unobstructed. (Clearly this mama knows a thing or two about Halloween safety.)

Needless to say, this year’s Instagram posts have already racked up thousands of likes, with people sharing their praise. “This is a parenting goal of mine,” one person wrote, while another said, “ONLY 45 HOURS?!?! You’re a wizard.”

We’re guessing not every parent out there can whip up a crocheted costume. If you need some Halloween help—including easy DIY options and shoppable finds— we’ve got you covered.

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